Hydrodynamic and Water Pollution Computer Program


( Coastal Area Dynamics Investigation Algorithm )

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CARDINAL is a user-friendly program, which allows to create easily 2D and 3D computer models of arbitrary water object and to simulate non-steady dynamics of surface waters, simulation of currents, storm surges, tsunami, dispersion of dissolved and suspended pollutants (including oil), water temperature, salinity, transport of bottom sediments (bottom erosion and silting), to solve dam break problems.

The program uses curvilinear boundary-fitted co-ordinates with options for two-dimensional or three-dimensional conditions. For the vertical mixing k-e model of turbulence may be used among other ones. It is possible to look for the processes evolution and to change parameters during the program run (without stop of calculationbs). Pre-processor, post-processor and the solver are integrated in one executable: no need to transfer data files from one program to another one. The program has been used in dozens of projects in different countries.


Graphical User Interface (GUI) in English and in Russian;
Boundary-fitted curvilinear co-ordinates (BFC), SIGMA- transformation in the vertical direction;
Pre-processor, post-processor and 3D or 2D solvers integrated in one executable: no need to transfer data files from one program to another one;
Import and export ASCII file for compability with other software;
GRIB decoder inside: easy possibility to import wind and atmospheric pressure fields from local atmospheric models (HIRLAM, COSMO and MM5);
Zoom capabilities;
Possibility to assign arbitrary analytical expressions for empirical coefficients and initial fields;
Possibility to make animations;
Cell drying is taken into account;
Easy in use;
On-line help system in English and in Russian.