CARDINAL was used in more than 40 organizations in Russia, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, The Netherlands, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UK and USA for the realization of more then hundred of different kind of projects.

Flood Early Warning System for St. Petersburg.

One of the most important among them was Dutch-Russian project 'Flood Early Warning System for St. Petersburg. As a result of this project the model of the Baltic Sea prepared with CARDINAL works in fully automated regime at the North-West Hydrometeorological Service of Russia for forecasting of water level in St. Petersburg since Dec.1999. This model was chosen for forecasts of water level in the Flood Warning System installed at St.Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier. Meteorological forecast are daily received from the Swedish model HIRLAM. As it is known St.Petersburg located in the shallow head of the Gulf of Finland and it suffered from flooding caused by storm surges for about 300 years.

Photos of floods in St.Petersburg, 100 Mb .

Advance time of these forecasts is 48 hours. Based on the results of forecasts this method of forecasting was officially approved by the Russian Committee on Hydrometeorology in Moscow as an additional tool for water level forecast. Example of successful flood forecast

28 November 2011 the first time in the history of St.Petereburg floods thanks to closing all the gates of the Barrier in due time in accordance with the forecast produced with the developed system the flooding of St.Petersburg was prevented.

The following application examples show the wide variety of problems that were studied by means of the CARDINAL: See also presentation on CARDINAL use (95 Mb)

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